HR Services

HR Services

When a company hires staff abroad or in the UK, it needs to be from the very beginning, compliant with local employment law. Entering a new market as an informed employer can mean the difference between deriving maximum value from your new employees and being taken for a ride. The direct costs of failure are therefore also high. Indirect costs of failure can be huge, and include damage done to relations with customers, suppliers, and the local community.

It is essential that you as an employer provide the correct Employment Contract which is compliant with local laws to your local employee. If properly documented, this contract reserves the rights a company may otherwise lose as an employer.

In certain countries, employers are required to take out mandatorily insurances. For example, U.K. employers are required to provide their employees with employer's liability insurance. This can be obtained either locally or by extending your head office policy. Future Solutions are able to advise on the best options, procure the correct level cover and ensure you operate legally.

The requirement for an expatriate as opposed to employing a national to fill a post or handle a project needs to be clearly identified right from the beginning, not least for the purposes of obtaining work permits/visa's.

Future Solutions immigration support team establishes a company's expat scenario and helps the expat navigate the application paperwork to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.